Nocturnal Emotions

from by Magnetaur




Baby, can't you see / that inside of me
is a galaxy / of natural feeling
I'll get your axons hot / when you see I've got
what you need, extra- / terrestrial healing

I know you think that our biology
Might get in the way / of our love soiree
We're more compatible than you know
See you've got three gardens / and I've got three hoes


I hope you brought your space protection
You see it's not that I'm shy, but you're like this alien guy
And I've never had an alien lover
[Spoken] Well there was that guy from Brazil
Oh but he sucked in bed and I'm not really counting that


Well if you show me yours / baby, I'll show you mine
And mine is mighty fine, and comes in twelve colors
But if you're acting coy / with this Lunastus boy
I've got another toy to tickle your druthers
These pleasing trees are more than leaves-and-wood
They're misunderstood, they give off more than one potion
If you treat them right and stroke their plumes
They release perfume full of nocturnal emotion


I know we just met but I trust you completely
Give it to me sweetly and don't hold back
Our stars are lined up, so before our time's up
Just get me wined up and let's hit the sack


I'll show you how to play / the game of love the Abzug way
It's time to throw away your preconceived notions
Put this thing on your nose/bend down and touch your toes
Prepare your body for some parallel motion

Nocturnal emotion / nocturnal emotion,
Nocturnal emotion /


do you think we need lotion?


Nocturnal emotion / nocturnal emotion
Nocturnal emotion...


from The Terrible Secret of Lunastus, released July 22, 2017
Music by Erica Patoka & Magnetaur. Lyrics by Chuck Green



all rights reserved


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