Do the nobles rise against me again,
Conspire behind my back?
Do they take my orders
With false enthusiasm,
Sabotage the crown with slack?

What has happened to our crew?
What has happened to my brides of Tortuga?
My friend, do you know this churl?
How is it you know a pirate girl?

I know this woman
But how could this be?
I thought her dead or fled
Not in France, free

Charlotte was a rebel
A real fighting devil
She was a general
In the army against the monarchy

I must track her down
There’s no telling what she’ll do
I must dispose of this
Symbol of anarchy

Our families were close once
I remember meals and evening balls
We even danced once
A lifetime ago, I hardly remember at all

The Fronde, the civil war
Proved our alliance to be no more
She and hers proved to be your enemies,
My king
Parliamentarians, revolutionaries
Lott, always spirited,
Always fighting, always struggling
To her injustice was everywhere
In the very air we breathe

She never had respect for law
Or for the fabric of society
She does not love our nation at all
A more dangerous woman there couldn’t be

This attack is too much
For this, by my hand, she’ll bleed
I swear to you my glorious liege
The brides’ escape shall not succeed

I know this woman
And I know who she used to be
I know this woman
Leave her to me


from Brides Of Tortuga, released October 26, 2016
Composed & Arranged by Patrick McMinn
Lyrics by Mike Martino



all rights reserved


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