It's six years now since the moon, my mistress
Was twice its normal size
Looking down on me as if to say
Bigger every time she'd rise

Many a day in my years of service
Have I walked upon her face
No pain has been so fathomless
As the day she fell from space

They called it Lunastus
And I realized it was
and it felt like our future
was saved just because

For the human race
Suddenly we saw
there was color in space

Far worse than the bursts of radiation
turning flower into flame
Gone are the joys that man has known
nothing left of home but shame

yet in the shadows of her frown
from the world down below
a telescope had found
a new place we could go oh oh

They called it Lunastus
and I realized it was
and it felt like our future
was saved just because

for the human race
suddenly we saw
there was color in space

There was no explanation
Not one that I could see
That the square of the distance,
direction and speed
Should be less than the square of the apogee

The perihelion, the axis of stone
That I have loved since birth
The ball of doom they call the moon
Will meet us down on Earth

They called it Lunastus
And I realized it was
And it felt like our future
Was saved just because

For the human race
Suddenly we saw
There was color in space

In the sea of the galaxy
We're just wayward castaways
And the computer knows we can never go back home

At the whim of a mindless void
We could live or be destroyed
Like crushed to death in this cold coffin of chrome

Validation of my fears
What am I doing way out here
When the earth explodes where are we supposed to be?

What if our science got it wrong?
Does Lunastus hold the key?
Could this all be just a dream?
Someone, please!

It’s obvious there’s life out here
I saw these videos, it’s clear
We’re not alone

Do they look like giant bugs
Or are they cute, it’s just so

Home has gotten pretty bad
And honestly, I’m not that sad
To go

I know there’s someone out there
I just hope they have great hair

Earth, do you remember the day
My circuits kissed your face
my sympathetic electrons ache
to feel your warm blue embrace

My disposition parallels
the wax and wane of your moon
I'm headed for a misery overload
if I don't get back to you soon

But they tell me we've found a new planet,
Lunastus, Lunastus

They call it Lunastus
But they'll realize it soon
They'd be better off living on the Earth with the moon
for the human race
Might just be facing their fall from grace


from The Terrible Secret of Lunastus, released July 22, 2017
music by Erica Patoka, John de Campos & Magnetaur. Lyrics by Erica Patoka and Chuck Green



all rights reserved


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